There's A Lid for Every Pot That Goes for In-Store Music as Well

There's an old saying, there's a lid for every pot. That goes for in-store music as well. As we've said on multiple occasions, different retailers are looking to create different, unique environments for their customers, and in-store music plays a vital role in that. So many different places are looking for so many different styles of music, it's hard to keep up with them all. Yet keeping up with them is exactly what What's In-Store Music does. Last week was a perfect example of this. We were able to place songs in a wide variety of environments all in one week. It started with a country song, "Made in The USA" by Clayton Anderson. Then came a rap/pop track from Flo Rida - "What a Night", complete with a loop from Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. The retailers looking for alternative music will soon be hearing almost monday - "Sun Keeps On Shining" playing overhead. A lot of retailers like to have female pop voices playing when customers walk into their stores, last week's submission, Chloe' Caroline - "Gemini", will be a perfect fit. Some places like female vocals, but want more of a dance vibe, Shab - "Criss Cross" will be perfect for them as it starts playing overhead in the coming weeks. For the shops looking for a smooth R&B flavor, THEY. - Blu Moon, will be just what the doctor ordered. Singer-songwriters, moody male alt/pop vocals, empowering female anthems, we got them all last week! However, we can't rest on our laurels. We have a whole summer to fill with exciting new releases from the entire spectrum of music. Do you have something new but you're not sure where it fits? Submit it with What's In-Store Music, we will find a home for it. if you're ready, go ahead and submit HERE.

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