Welcome Back to The New Normal

Even with the increase in online shopping in 2020, brick and mortar retailers are here to stay. Alyssa Meyers for Morning Consult has been doing extensive research on people's comfort with returning to normal, following the pandemic, in several sectors, and she reports it here in her piece, Tracking The Return Of. In the series she looks at the return of:

Dining Shopping Travel Entertainment Work Sports Socializing Overall concerns about the pandemic

The takeaways for our story look bright. As people's fear of the pandemic is on the decline, their confidence with getting back out in to stores, restaurants, shops and malls is steadily increasing. We could tell that was happening here at What's In-Store Music simply by seeing the e-mails and messages we've been receiving from clients who are reporting their song being heard in stores everywhere but now we see the numbers to prove it. Things may not be completely back to what they were, but they certainly are improving and at a strong pace. If you've been waiting for things to get back to normal before placing a song with us, according to these studies, that wait is over. Submit your priority song with What's In-Store Music TODAY and let us do the rest.

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