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When creating a unique experience in a retail space that reinforces your brand's message, overhead music plays a major role in that. The right tempo, genre and volume can create a space where consumers feel good about their purchases and overall shopping experience. What's In-Store Music, together with our programming partners, Spectrio understand this and have created a category of music submissions we call The Dance Environment. Since dance music takes on many different forms, Trance, EDM, Chill, etc. so too does The Dance Environment. By submitting so many genres, we help supply music to a wider variety of retailers across the country. The list of clients who have taken advantage of The Dance Environment to help promote their songs by amassing millions of in store plays while developing their campaigns elsewhere include: Armada Music; Dim Mak; Enhanced Music; 3 Beat Productions; LTD Entertainment; Rat City Records; Aftercluv/Dancelab; KMV; Notting Hill Music; Carrillo Music; Red Songbird; Overdrive; ADIO Music. We've played a role in many major label dance projects as well as worked with major dance producers such as Dave Audé; Damon Sharpe; Jason Dauman; and Cindy ValentineThe Star Groomer.

The Dance Environment Chart is available exclusively on AllAccess.com. Our bi-monthly picks are reported to DJ Times and included in their chart. Follow What's In-Store Music: The Dance Environment on Spotify!

If you have a dance track from any genre that you're trying to get exposed, especially while all the clubs are closed, look no further than What's In-Store Music and the Dance Environment. Submit your song today and let us do the rest.

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