What's In-Store Music An Important Piece of The Puzzle

When preparing to release your song, you want to make sure you have as much in place as you can before you go. It's just like putting together a puzzle, it requires several pieces to complete it. Remixes, artwork, social media elements, it all needs to be ready as to avoid any hiccup's when launching. If you have a video, you want to get it to the video marketing team. Radio gets the single in advance of the go date to give them a chance to get it warmed up. Publicity needs elements in place to get the ball rolling on their end. Once you have all that together, you'll want to make sure you get it submitted with What's In-Store Music for in store play. Your goal is to get everything going and to connect the dots to increase impressions. In store music is the best way to connect those dots. Someone hears a song in the car while their driving or catches a video, by the time they hear the song in a store, THAT'S when SHAZAM comes out. That's where the connection is made. We can't tell you how many clients have told us their Shazams, and streams coincide with our highest playing in store markets. Just this week we had a manager with two indie acts, both, with songs playing in stores, attribute 300-400 Shazams a week to in store play. Naturally results vary from song to song, but at least it will be out there to be heard. Have a song you want to promote? Submit it with What's In-Store Music right HERE.

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