What's In-Store Music: It's all about impressions…and not just in stores.

Obviously, you already know What's In-Store Music gets your song placed and played in thousands of stores, helping to create impressions. Did you also know we increase impressions through social media as well? When submitting your song there's an option to check a box for a Value - Added Package. When you click that box, you're automatically increasing the exposure for your song through a number of different platforms. One click gets you a three month Twitter campaign, 45 tweets, one every other day, tailored specifically to your release including links to the song. That one click gets you the same treatment on Facebook, 45 posts over three months as well as an announcement of the the successful placement of your song on Instagram. Wait, there's more. That same one click gets you 7 days of daily exposure as Video of the Week, along with 4x Print Ads in our newsletter and a placement in our Behind the Song feature which gives you the opportunity to share with our reading audience what your song is all about. At the end of the day, it's pretty safe to say, when you submit a song with What's In-Store Music, people are going to find out about it and hear it and isn't that exactly what you're trying to achieve? Submit your song with us to get started today and don't forget to click the box!

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