Where do you use Shazam?

We recently did a What's In-Store Music poll where we asked the question, "Do you use SHAZAM to discover music and if so, where do you use it most?" Although the response in terms of devices varied from SHAZAM to Soundhound to Google to Siri, one thing remained constant, the overwhelming majority of usage was in a space with overhead music playing. 8% of the respondents said they used it in the car, 29% said they used it while watching TV and 63% said they used it in public, more specifically, in stores, restaurants, and bars. That's why, when setting up your marketing plan if you're not including In-Store music, you're missing out on the opportunity of having it played in the places it will most likely get Shazam hits. That doesn't sound good, does it? The best way to remedy that is to submit your priority song with What's In-Store Music and let us help you get it played in stores, malls, and restaurants across the country, where it will get the opportunity to be heard and discovered. Got something new you'd like to get started? you can submit it right HERE.

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