Winter Is Coming and so is The 7th Annual What's In-Store Music Holiday Program

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, retailers are getting ready for the holiday season. No, we're not talking about Halloween, that stuff's already out. We're not talking about Thanksgiving items either. they're already starting to fill up the shelves as well. We're talking about Christmas, the busiest shopping season of the year. Retailers are preparing for Christmas earlier and earlier it seems. Some big box stores already have Christmas trees waiting in the wings, ready to put front and center when the time comes. That means holiday music isn't far behind. For the past several years the first holiday songs have started playing the day after Halloween. The best way to ensure your song starts spinning when the focus from current music shifts to Christmas is to participate in the 7th Annual What's In-Store Music Holiday Program. We are in constant contact with the programmers scheduling the songs, and they're ready when you are. In fact, we asked them during our last meeting when they'd like us to start getting holiday releases to them and without hesitation, they said: "right now"! So, if you really want to make sure your song starts playing as soon as the switch is flipped, you'll want to have it to us by the second week in October. Songs submitted after that will certainly be accepted and will still receive thousands of plays. We just wanted to give you this information so you can plan accordingly. If you have a song you are ready to submit to the program, you can join the 20 + other clients who already have and submit it HERE!!!

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