You Bring The Sunscreen and We'll Bring The Music

It's happening, it's really happening. Following what seemed like an eternity of hunkering down and staying put, people are starting to travel again. Planes are flying at full capacity and along with that, hotels are starting to fill up as well. Planning a little vacation this summer? Perhaps relaxing around a hotel pool with a fruity drink in your hand? If you ARE planning on taking a getaway, here's a little tip you won't find on Trip Advisor… If you're staying in a Hyatt or a Marriott Hotel, you're gonna want to keep SHAZAM handy, because you just might hear some What's In-Store Music clients. Our partner, Spectrio programs music for those two chains. That's right, in store music isn't just playing overhead in stores, it's in hotels too. Lobbies, elevators, sundry shops, restaurants, gyms, poolside, out front by the valet…it's all in store music. Summer is here, it's time to get back out there. Let What's In-Store Music help make sure your music is out there too!!! Submit your song today!

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