You Know What People Do with Their Stimulus Checks? They Spend Them, That’s What!!!

Back in February CNBC columnist Jeff Cox filed a story: “Retail sales burst higher in January as consumers use stimulus checks to Spend Heavily”*. There were three major takeaways from that story:

  • Retail sales jumped 5.3% to start 2021, well ahead of the 1.2% expectation.

  • The big move came as millions of consumers received $600 stimulus checks.

  • Every major category of spending, including food and drinking establishments, saw gains.

Fast forward to today, Congress just signed a new relief package that will be putting $1400 stimulus checks in the hands of millions of Americans, vaccinations are increasing, and spring is coming. All of this points to a major boom in retail spending in the coming weeks including shopping and dining out. Electronics/big box stores, furniture stores, home improvement stores, office supply stores, hardware stores, malls, restaurants, gas stations, What’s In-Store Music clients can be heard in all of them. There is no better time than right now to submit your song to ensure that it’s playing overhead as consumers come walking through the front door. Once a song is submitted, it takes a few days to filter into the system so if you want your song already playing when folks start showing up with that stimulus money, the time to act is now. Submit your song today and let us do the rest. While you’re at it, make sure to take advantage of our March Madness BOGO promotion.

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