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You Laugh, But It's Time to Start Getting Ready!!!

We know, we know, it's still hot out and you don't want to think about Christmas music!!! Luckily, we're here to think about it for!!! While we've got you here, we want to remind you, that one of the best ways to get your holiday music heard by a wide audience, The 7th Annual What's In-Store Music Holiday Program, will be ramping up before you know it. No really, like in September!!! That sounds crazy, right? Well, did you know that a good majority of holiday music being programmed at radio stations is already scheduled by late September? The Same goes for In-Store programming. That's right. For everyone out there who's invested the time, effort, and money to produce a holiday song, if you plan on putting it out in December, you've already missed the window of opportunity to take maximize all that hard work. In the coming weeks, we will include reminders in this space, along with target dates you will want to meet to take full advantage of your holiday release. Now, go back to your summer fun and keep an eye out for those dates. Of course, If you have anything you'd like to submit now, you can do it right HERE!!!

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