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Your iPhone Can Identify Any Song with Just A Tap

If you're like us you use SHAZAM to identify songs while you're out and about in stores, restaurants, and bars. Also, If you're like us, you also get frustrated sometimes. By the time you think to SHAZAM the song, you unlock your phone and scroll to find the app only to have it end before you can capture it. Well, if you have an iPhone, that frustration can now be a thing of the past. The fine folks at CNBC made us aware that you can skip all that, explaining how you can set up your device, so it just takes one tap to capture a song. it will also save the songs for you so you can add them to future playlists. Click the link HERE to learn how to set up this feature quickly and easily and let the song discovery begin!!! Just a reminder, the most common places Shazam is used are in stores, restaurants, and malls. To make sure your priority music is available to be Shazam'd in those spaces, the best way to do that is by submitting it with What's In-Store Music!

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